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What is is a per diem calculator for truck drivers that also helps truckers find and organize other tax deduction, as well.

When truck drivers travel on trips that have overnights, they are entitled to deduct the cost of meals (i.e. the per diem deduction). This is calculated in two possible ways. One is the city-by-city rate. The other is the special rate for transportation workers. TruckerTaxDirect handles both.

After finding these, it guides truckers to find other truck driver tax write offs, as well. The data can easily by used by your accountant when you are finished, saving hours of tedious work and money.

Trucker taxes don’t have to be complicated anymore! We’ll help you organize the taxes so you can focus on driving - not bookkeeping.

  • Instantly calculate the truck diriver per diem deduction with the per diem calculator.
  • Find and calculate any other trucker tax deductions that you should write off.
  • Discover deductions are not allowed to take.
  • Print the results for your tax preparer.
  • Reduce your tax preparation time.
  • Save money on your overall tax preparation.
  • Get significantly bigger tax refunds!
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    Try out all of the features for FREE. Almost every single person who itemizes on their taxes will benefit. If you end paying and do not benefit, you will loose nothing via our money back guarantee.

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    Every year we at EZPerDiem help thousands of pilots and filght attendants with the job expense portion of their tax returns. Trust is a huge part of why have so many flight crewmembers using us and recomending us.

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    The number and calculations that you will see on your Final Tax Report from EZPerDiem come directly from the per diem rate tables that you can find at